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We are a full-service Marijuana Business Law Firm with dedication to helping both start-ups and established businesses make their mark on the Michigan Marijuana Industry. Our attorneys are deeply familiar with the laws and marketplace surrounding medical and recreational marijuana as well as Hemp and CBD. As cannabis attorneys we provide invaluable legal and business advice to help you start your grow facility, provisioning center, processing lab, safety testing facility, secure transportation company, or cannabis microbusiness.

Michigan Cannabis Properties

Find A Suitable Commercial Cannabis Real Estate Property

At Michigan Cannabis Properties we have the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with all their marijuana industry real estate needs. Our team are experts when it comes to the sale and acquisition of properties that are capable of development into cannabis businesses.

Our experienced team of cannabis real estate professionals at Michigan Cannabis Properties have years of experience in the real estate and business law aspects of the cannabis industry. This knowledge about the thriving marijuana industry helps us know which properties are most suitable for your competitive cannabis business, whether it be for a provisioning center, processing and growing facility or even a safety compliance and transport business.

Do not hesitate to reach out to one of our cannabis real estate professionals for any of your cannabis property needs!

Kush Design Studio

At Kush Design Studio, We Think Differently

What makes Kush Design Studio unique is that we’re much more than just a cannabis consulting firm. We’re a one stop shop for your cannabis business’ licensing, compliance, design, construction, marketing, and business development needs.


Etitle Agency

Real Estate, Simplified

We specialize in residential and commercial title and settlement services. Our innovative online closing experience offers you simplicity and peace of mind. At eTitle, everything we do is focused on your experience.

Virtual Seo Expert

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