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We help cannabis companies obtain the financing they need to run their businesses and take advantage of growth opportunities
Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing

LOAN AMOUNTS $250,000 TO $50,000,000

We consider the total picture of the borrowing entity, including individuals, the specific property type, state and local license(s), operational history and overall transaction, offering diverse loan terms with an efficient process and underwriting review.




Construction Loans

Commercial Bridge Loans

Cash-out and expansions considered

Lease Options to purchase


Equipment Financing

LOANS AMOUNTS $50,000 TO $10,000,000

When your company needs any type of equipment, we’re happy to provide you with a no-hassle equipment lease or equipment financing agreement. Plus, we do it with minimal paperwork, and fast approvals with just one quick and easy application.



CO2 Extraction

Benching Systems


Gas Delivery Systems

Processing/Trim Equipment Control Systems

Extraction Equipment (special deals on this type of equipment)

Terms Up to 100% of value of equipment Lease 36 months to 48 months with $1.00 buy out

Equipment Financing
Legacy Cash Program

Legacy Cash Program

CASH AMOUNTS $5,000,000+

The Legacy Cash Program for the unbanked community (Cannabis clients) has been solved through this newly created program by our investors. The Legacy Cash Program is a legal way to convert cash into bankable currency and/or deposits. For clients in excess of five million dollars with unusable cash, this program solves your need for getting a good investment. The banking community is unable to take large amounts of cash because of regulations on them. This takes the money that is unusable and gives you an option to reinvest the money and if you choose, get your cash back in electronic form.

Business Expansion/Working Capital

LOAN AMOUNTS UP TO $10,000,000

Now you want to reinvest in your company by opening a second or third location, improve your equipment, expand your facilities or exercise those lease options. Our investors secured business expansion loan can provide the cash you need to finance these types of activities. We will work with you and your team to underwrite with flexibility providing the structure that will work best for your business. Every loan that we do is unique, and custom tailored to the situation of our client. We will attempt to take everything into consideration, analyzing the business plan, financial projections and operational history. As long as we can meet our underwriting guidelines and the loan request makes sense, and there is an ability to repay the loan, we are interested in your project. When a new opportunity arises, such as expanding into a new location, quick and concise decision making is crucial. We can assist with your need for immediate financing, so waiting to be prequalified can sometimes lead to missed opportunities. Expanding your financial horizons can catapult your small business into the upper echelon of great companies.


Under 250K: 6 months bank statements

250K and over: One year in business 3 M or more in revenue Two years taxes for company and/or associated company Use of Funds Two years Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Year to Date Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet For each owner (10% or more) of the company, provide the following: Two years personal tax returns Personal Financial Statement

Business Expansion/Working Capital
Acquisition Loans

Acquisition Loans

LOAN AMOUNTS $250,000 TO $7,500,000

A business acquisition loan allows you to buy someone else’s existing, profitable business. It also allows you to buy out your partner(s) for a business you already own. In addition, business acquisition loans can be used to finance the purchase of a well-established business with many locations and a proven model for success. It’s best to use a business acquisition loan to purchase a thriving company; turnaround financing is much more difficult to secure. How Business Acquisition Loans Work To secure small business acquisition financing, you’ll need to prove that both you and the business present minimal risk to the lender. You can do this by providing ample documentation of both your personal finances and the business’s finances. Good credit, minimal debt, and profitability are key. Terms can vary on the amount of the loan.


Loan amount to not exceed 60% of total purchase price

Purchase and Sale documents between seller and buyer

Financials for last three years plus YTD for acquisition

Three years tax returns for acquisition

Inventory list for acquisition

Projections after acquisition

Proof of capital for down payment

Buyer’s company financials for the last three years (if applicable)

Investor Application

For each owner (10% or more) of the company, provide the following: Three years personal tax returns Personal Financial Statements