MiCIA Ask The Experts: Seed To Sale Funding

5 Questions with Judy Rinkus

(Founder and principal)

Rinkus, a carrier commercial banking executive, brings more than 30 years of corporate loan placement to the cannabis industry.

  1. What role is seed to sale funding playing in the Michigan cannabis business?

A. Seed to Sale funding is a consulting firm the raises debt capital for all facets of the hemp and cannabis industry, including grow/cultivation, processing, testing, retail and secured transportation. Since bank loans are not readily available for the hemp and cannabis businesses, we primarily work with network of private lenders who understand the unique aspects of this growing industry.

2. What Should New Cannabis Business Know About Funding?

A. A loan of your project will be more cost-effective than equity in the long run, since loans are largely non-dilutive to the equity holders. This means that you do not lose any ownership in your company and, therefore, can keep a large share of the profits within your existing group of investors.

3. How Does Seed TO Sale Funding Aid In Helping TO Secure Financing?

A. We work as your advocate to potential lenders by analyzing and structuring your financing needs to meet the needs of your projects and requirements of our network of investors. Since we have relationships with multiple lenders, we can negotiate with them on your behalf to obtain loan structure available for your projects.

4. What Business Have You Helped Get Up And Running?

A. We’ve assisted provisioning centers, processing facilities and grow facilities of all sizes throughout the state of Michigan and nationally. Our loans range from $500,000 on the small side and can reach $20 million or more. Since we started our firm a year ago, We’ve closed about $22 million in transactions, each with their own fascinating stories, These deals range from a one-location, family-owned provisioning center to a large MSO which invested more than $12 million in a cultivation facility in the mid-Michigan area.

5. What’s The Most Rewarding Aspect of Your Job?

A. The loans i provide are helping to build the Michigan and national economy at large, not just in cannabis. The companies, whose loans i arrange, build buildings, employ people, pay taxes and support their own communities. it’s truly a win-win for everyone.



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